Jess Wayne is a Los Angeles area musician, singer-songwriter, poet and writer. His music  is a fusion of “Modern Folk, Blues, easy Jazz and a dash of Americana” with “wisdom and honesty.” Imagine a mellow Neil Young playing with a peaceful Van Morrison backed by Sting’s jazz band. Ultimately, a soul to soul, heart to heart conversation - spiritual, thoughtful, philosophical, life embracing.

Critics lauded Jess Wayne's last album "Ride The River" (released 2016) –


“Jess Wayne Stuns with Debut... one of the most impressive and notable records of 2016” - Emily Hinde for No Depression.

“Blissful combination of modern Folk, Blues, easy Jazz and a dash of Americana... stunning debut.”— Louise Parker for Paste Magazine

“Molten hot concoction of smooth jazz, contemporary folk, and cool blues that bring out the Americana “storytelling” ”— Sherryl Craig for Nashville Music Guide

“As many moments of blissful beauty as there are of thought provoking, real-life reflection.”— Rebecca Cullen for Stereo Stickman.

The journey has been a very long ride. Flashback to the 60's when young Jess (aka Douglas Jessop) was playing rock 'n roll in a garage band and playing high school dances. Then came a variety of exploratory careers including surveyor, cook, actor, modern dancer, photographer, filmmaker, lawyer, poet and music student at Musicians Institute in Hollywood. Next came playing in numerous LA bands and recording for original projects. Now Jess is writing his own music with his own distinct voice - a singer/songwriter with huge variety because each song teaches him what it is about and what it wants. Music to feed and heal souls.

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