Music & Lyrics by Douglas W. Jessop


Better Get Used To It

Everyone’s a genius
Everyone’s a fool
Everyone’s a teacher
Everyone’s in school
Everyone’s a prisoner
Trying to be free
Everyone has matches
To light you and me
You better get used to it
You better get used to it

Someone’s out there’s lonely
Someone’s lost their way
Someone’s out there angry
Someone’s learned to pray
Someone’s out there dying
Someone’s fallen down
Waiting for redemption
From some god that’s not around
You think you know
I know I don’t
You think you will
And I know I won’t
I know I won’t

[instrumental verse]

Everyone’s a liar
Everyone’s a saint
Everyone’s a piece of work
Waiting for the paint
Everyone’s a dreamer
Sitting in a tree
Everyone’s a sailor
Lost on wild sea
[chorus , chorus]