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Say Goodbye Hollywood

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Music & Lyrics by Douglas W. Jessop


Say Goodbye Hollywood

Unwashed happy beggars
Parade their homeless dogs
Through sunny streets
Diabetic sunburned families
Shuffle through the mall
On Nike feet
Say goodbye

Slumping teens with smart phones
Stabbed by finger tips alone
Love with only zeros or ones
Marilyn in white gown
Ready for the shakedown
The damage will not be undone
Say goodbye Hollywood

Nearly naked young girls
Teeter on their high heels
Flashing money makers to dead stars
Newly minted bad boys
Baggy pants tatoo noise
Dancing to red thunder in blue cars

Say goodbye Hollywood
You gave it all
You should
Say goodbye Hollywood
She said you knew better
Said you knew better
Well she would

The dreamers and believers
The hopeful and the schemers
The pretenders who will not die
Their entourage of mirrors
Posting selfies to their futures
That will freeze the emptiness inside
Say goodbye Hollywood
Say goodbye Hollywood
Say goodbye Hollywood
Say goodbye Hollywood