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Why Don't You Lie To Me

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Music & Lyrics by Douglas W. Jessop


Why Don’t You Lie To Me

I can see us tangled
In love’s sweet bed
The sheets are damp
Sky’s turning red
Forget about the past
Lift our glass to the night
But we can’t get over
What we can’t get right

Why don’t you lie to me
Say it’s just for me
Why don’t you lie to me
Once again

I once saw the future
But it never came
I knew who you were
But you didn’t stay the same
Now I heal my sorrows
With fantasy
Come tomorrow
Come to me


Sad neon room
Paper cups plastic spoons
Grey brown conference chairs
White coat says
He’s sorry

I can hear your voice
In my head
Sometimes you’re living
Sometimes you’re dead
Sometimes we talk together
I’m never alone
You want to help me
But I can’t take you home