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All I Can Do For Now

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Music & Lyrics by Douglas W. Jessop



There’s no bottom to this fall
There’s no ticket to this ball
There’s no ending to this life
Oh wait, there is
There’s no question that’s too small
There’s no answer to them all
There’s no meaning in our death
So what is prayer

But tonight, I will hold you
And tonight, I will kiss your hair
And tonight, I will smooth your tears
And tonight, I will chase your fears
That’s all
I can do for now

There’re no rules to this race
There’s no prize in any case
There’s no happy without sad
I miss my Dad
There’s no joy in all my stuff
There’s no drink will make me tough
There’s no clothes will bring me love
But that’s all they sell


There’s no wisdom without loss
There’s no magic without cost
There’s no fortune big enough
Oh, wait there is
There’s no person always right
There’s no lover every night
There’s no wise man at the door
But I’ll leave a chair