1. Bully Boys
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Bully Boys

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Bully Boys was recorded live in the studio at Oak Tree Recording - no click track, just all four of us together fresh off the tour - listening and responding in real time with plenty of improvisation.
The Jess Wayne Band includes Jess Wayne on vocals and guitar, John Matthew Rosenberg on keys and backup vocals, Jimmy Ledezma on drums, percussion and background vocals and Jesse Holsapple on bass and backup vocals.


Bully Boys

The bully boys are calling
They want to chase me home
They’ve found a perfect victim
And this time I am alone
My panic is a tunnel
That curves away from light
My mother says they’re jealous
I know that can’t be right
I’m not ready
But I’m out of time

The bully boys are calling
Their private jet’s on time
They’ve got another victim
For their perfect legal crime
Their suits and ties are armor
Domination is their goal
They want to know my habits
They want to know my soul
I’m not ready
But I’m out of time

The bully boys they’ve got the guns
They’ve got to take the shot
They smile because their worthy
I smile because I’m not
Gandhi’s on a mountain top
With three bullets in his cup
He’s not coming down too soon
To break this party up
I’m not ready
But I’m out of time

Always thought that peace and love
Would win it in the end
Be the light don’t curse the dark
Kindness will make them friends
The martyrs they will welcome you
And your innocence to slaughter
Killing time in killing fields
Will you do what they order
I’m not ready
But I’m out of time